Panmunjeom, located in the demilitarized zone, 50 km north from Seoul and 10 km east from the city of Gaeseong, is an abandoned village on the de fecto border between North and South Korea.
The peace talks were held here on October 25, 1951 and Panmunjeom that has been used as now a conference room since the Red Cross held an international conference here on September 20, 1971 was designated as the Joint Security Area on July 27, 1953 when the armistice agreement was signed.
Its name is often used as a metonym for the nearby Joint Security Area (JSA), where discussions between North and South still take place in blue buildings that straddle the Military Demarcation Line.
This is the only place that can come in contact on a daily basis and make efforts towards the peace of Korea.
The village, a small cluster of fewer than ten huts, was opposite the negotiation site on the south side.
The eighteen copies of Volume I and II of the armistice were signed by the Senior Delegates of each side in a building constructed by both sides over a 48-hour period.
After the war, when all civilians were removed from the DMZ, the empty village of Panmunjom fell in disrepair and eventually disappeared from the landscape.
There is Freedom house, Conference room, Bridge of no return. It is closed on Monday, Sunday, and National holiday.

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The village become the center of traditional pottery during Joseon Dynasty for about 500 years due to the abundance obtainable materials and fuel in the areas.

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